Kiefer and Ranger
Donna's son Chris in a rare
                dishwashing frenzy
Donna's daughter Christi

About Donna

Donna Fielder is a career newspaper reporter turned author who now divides her time writing a blog, true crime books, humor and the occasional novel. She lives in Denton, Texas, with her Maltese, Kiefer, two cats – Chloe (a bit of a bitch) and Ranger, named after the mysterious hunk in the Janet Evanovich novels and her adorable new Scottie, Arabella.

Donna is the mother of grown, but not necessarily mature, twins, Christopher and Christine, and a son named James. They appear in many of her humor stories. She is a widow.

Donna grew up in the little village of Callisburg, Texas, and retains her country Texas accent. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Texas. She believes that anyone born north of the Red River is in fact a Yankee. She can ride a horse, but not well, drive a stick shift car when she has to, and she’s a good shot with a handgun. In her career as a crime reporter, she has interviewed prison inmates, cried with numerous victims and witnessed an execution.

Her sense of adventure led her to accept and hold a rattlesnake when somebody handed it to her. She rode an Ultralight, which is a cross between a kite and a bumblebee. She has rappelled with the fire department and been the bad guy in a SWAT team practice drill. She visited a nudist resort and traversed flood waters in a canoe, all in the name of journalism.

She has won numerous writing awards, including Star Texas Reporter of the year twice, the Quill and Badge award from the International Union of Police Associations, numerous Associated Press first place awards for features, column writing and investigative reporting, and the Stephen Philbin Award for legal reporting.

Donna loves to interact with her readers and will respond to emails.

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